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Dear Customer,

We at SIE s.a.r.l. Safety International Elevators s.a.r.l.  are pleased to introduce our technology in the modern manufacturer of lift components and complete elevators in which we participated with support of  NOVA Global Factory in the designing, engineering, manufacturing, selling, installing and maintaining over the past Ten Years for multiple states like Qatar, Lebanon and Ukraine. 
We are pleased to share with you SIE Elevator Company's deep interest and enthusiasm to participate in your prestigious projects.
SIE Elevator Company in cooperation with NOVA Global Factory are the world's leading manufacturers of elevators, escalators and moving walks with manufacturing facilities located in Europe, USA, and China producing close of 20,000 units per year and maintaining over thousands units all over the world.
All products manufactured in NOVA Elevators Factories conform to applicable codes EN 81-20:2014, EN 81-50, EN 81-58, EN 81-72 and EN 115:1995/2008 and NOVA' global product passport development process to ensure our global standards are maintained while delivering highest quality products.
Either SIE Elevators nor NOVA Elevators are an integral performance of our lives, whether it's where we work, where we live or where we play. We're recognized as the absolute leader in many types of elevators provides the wider choices and custom-made designs, Low-to high-rise traction elevators
We are waiting your specific data requested in your projects, we look forward having the opportunity to meet you and your team to explain in detail our global company, how we plan to manage your exciting projects and learn projects details to provide you the appropriate elevators.

Yours Faithfully

Engr. Fadi Al Asmar
General Manager


The Elevator Consultants of SIE s.a.r.l. offers tailored services and software solutions to meet your specific elevator, escalator and moving walkway needs. The industry is evolving with new technology, elevator code changes, and companies consolidating making it challenging to be kept up to speed. Therefore, Our Elevator Consultants brings our expertise to you and your unique building needs.

Elevator Due Diligence

Due diligence evaluations for elevators, escalators and all forms of vertical transportation expose areas of elevator or escalator cost neglect and code requirements when purchasing or selling a building. Conducting a simple elevator due diligence has proven to be remarkably financial returns when buying a property. Our elevator experts conduct elevator due diligence to protect you and your building.


SIE Elevator Company offers sector analyzes at local and international level, thanks to the collaboration with the NOVA GLOBAL FACTORIES located in USA, Europe and China Our company supports the client’s requirement in the level of the positioning phases basing of his budget through competitive market studies and penetration estimates. SIE Company has particularly distinguished itself in this area by carrying out a market study extended to three large cities for a large multipolar active companies in the elevator sector of all types. The analysis included the collection of a large amount of data through primary sources and a research work on secondary sources. The SIE team managed to complete the market study in a very short time frame, satisfying the customer’s needs and presenting products reliable and quality installation and commissioning and maintenance as per the international code for elevators EN 81-20/50/58/72.


SIE s.a.r.l., a leader in the Modernization and development of elevators, whatever the age is for global elevators, recommends the following : a- We adopt International code for safety standards EN 81-20/50/58/72, It is important to understand how EN code defines different issues related to elevator work or there may be significant cost impacts if the incorrect edition is used in the design and replacement. b- SIE s.a.r.l. plays an important role in the definition of modernization, therefore, requires a clear understanding of maintenance, repair and replacement. For elevators, maintenance means a routine examination, lubrication, cleaning, and adjustment of parts, components, or subsystems for the purpose of ensuring performance in accordance with the applicable code requirements. c- Whether you're looking to make a few Technic changes or you want to completely strip out the lift or a modification in the inner design for elevator cabin and/or equipment, the engineers of SIE s.a.r.l. are ready to perform your elevator upgrades or modernization. What's more, we can usually do the job at a much lower cost than our competitors! So, save your money, your thinking intensity and future events surprises with SIE s.a.r.l. and the international code EN 81-20 d- Based on a full inspection of your elevator equipment, SIE s.a.r.l. will develop a detailed analysis and recommendations for what you should include in your modernization project. Our engineers, Having managed the thousand of modernization projects, you can be assured we have the knowledge and experience to enhance and move to perform the job on time and within budget. We are waiting your inquiries!

After-sales Service

A- GUARANTEE OF Safety & Quality a.1 Warranty 10 Years a.2 - We will replace easy damaged elevator parts for free. a.3 - Supply spare parts to ensure the continuous safety and high quality operation of the elevator in your building a.4 - Within the aforementioned warranty, your elevator must necessarily be under the auspices of SIE s.a.r.l. B- TECHNICAL TRAINING b.1 - We will arrange free professional maintenance engineers to train two maintenance people for free. C- MAINTENANCE GUARANTEE c.1 - EXCELLENT SERVICE Originated From Heart 24 hrs / 7 days c.2 - SIE s.a.r.l. uses only genuine spare parts specifically to suit your elevators c.3 - Train professional maintenance team c.4 - Build a multi-channel maintenance control system to ensure the quality of maintenance c.5 - Develop maintenance pledge in order to provide perfect service As Always, You Are Welcome!

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